Sunday, August 22, 2010

College and other things

So tomorrow is my first day of school. College, rather.

Now, I've been to college, before. I went for years to obtain a fairly useless degree (art), worked my rather considerable butt off, only to stop so my ex-husband could take a promotion. The situation was as follows:
The ex worked for the government and was offered a promotion - as well as a significant pay raise. The issue was that the bigger salary pushed us into a different tax bracket, thus disqualifying me from getting free, gov'ment monies to continue my frivolous studies. The rock to my hard place was that despite the extra income, we couldn't afford for me to take classes (as well as pay for books) out of pocket. So a decision was made - it seemed, at the time, more beneficial to the family for me to stop my schooling so Scott could advance. Not so smart, in hindsight. Of course, at the time I had no idea that divorce was looming just over the horizon. (even though I should have: we'll chalk that one up to naivety)

Tomorrow, I return. This time, I'm going to school to obtain the needed skills to be an office drone. Exciting, I know! This was decided after many factors were taken into consideration:
-Location: Small town/the sticks. Not exactly a bustling mecca for the arts. I need a piece of paper that can prove I'm able to do something that someone around here actually has a use for.
-Contact with the public: As little as possible, please.
-On my feet: I want my ass in a chair, in a building with an air conditioner.
-Komputors: I'm good with 'em. I will gladly sit in front of one for eight hours a day for pay.
-Monie$: I don't want to be rich, but I want to earn a livable wage.

Good enough reasons, I think.

No, it's not my dream job. (I was originally going to school for art restoration, aka my Dream Job) But, the fact remains that I'm not in a "dream job" situation. What I need to think about is practicality, time, money, and location. And given the alternatives, (factory work or Burger King) office droning doesn't seem too unappealing. I think I'm cut out for it.

Earn ur livens.

I can admit that I'm a bit nervous about returning, but it's a positively charged anticipation. I've always liked school - I dig structure and routine. I like having tasks. I truly feel, for the first time in many a moon, that my life is moving forward..even if it's moving towards some modern medical park in Fremont or Sandusky. The fact remains that I'm no longer an upper middle-class hausfrau: I'm one of those horrible, single mothers that people are afraid of. My life is unarguably different than it was two years ago. And it took a year just for the change to really sink in. But my time of languish and reflection is over - I've had a year, and it's time to be, as the great philosopher Kelly Clarkson once said, Miss.Independent. (barfy)


  1. You could focus all of your time on finding a rich old guy and marrying him. Working in a cubicle is almost as bad as saggy balls.

    No? oh well. Good luck gettin your learn on.

  2. I don't think I'm trophy wife material, unfortunately. But it's good advice, ntl!